Are there any affordable schools or boot camps for troubled teens?

Many parents, nowadays, face the same concerns of their teenage kids being completely out of their control. Whereas this is typical teenage behavior, it can also turn into something dangerous if the teen begins to show signs of criminal behavior of just a complete refusal of authority and discipline. At such a point, many parents tend to turn towards external help in order to deal with the issues they are facing in raising their teen.

For many parents, especially in the US, the most suitable option is sending the teen to a coot camp or a school for troubled teens. This, however, may pose to be a problem as most of these boot camps and schools for therapeutic schools are extremely expensive and are not affordable for most parents.

The first solution to this is the state-funded boot camp schools which have very low fees. These boot camps are not completely free of cost, though, and they come with one condition. The condition being that a teen can only be enrolled in these boot camps if he/she is already in the juvenile system. If not, there are some cost efficient programs which cost about $3500 a month. With good credit, they may allow you to pay as little as $400 a month.

There are also a number of therapeutic schools as well as wilderness programs which are a more lenient version of boot camps and have the same objective of fixing troubled teens. A very good example of this is the WinGate Wilderness Therapy, located in Southern Utah, which makes use of nature in order to provide proper healing and treatment for troubled teens. This may be a much better option in connecting with the teen and addressing the problem head on rather than a boot camp which focuses on disciplining but not healing.

Programs like WinGate tend to focus more on the healing of the teen rather than making money off of their problems. Due to this reason, it is more affordable and reasonable than most boot camps and therapeutic schools.

A very useful resource in this regard is the Therapy Insider which has the sole purpose of connecting people with the therapy they may need. This includes treatment programs, therapeutic schools as well as boarding schools and rehabilitation services. This can be extremely helpful for most parents in finding the most affordable and beneficial option for their troubled teen.

Since most of these programs tend to cost a lot of money, it may take some research in order to find the most suitable option for your trouble teen. However, considering how common these programs are in America today, there are a lot more options to choose from today than there were a few years ago. In fact, there is no particular need to send your troubled teen to a boot camp or a therapeutic school, you can simply enroll your teen in a program such as this wilderness healing treatment and see better results in a shorter amount of time.