Boot Camps in Idaho

This list will be updated when new programs and schools become available. The fastest thing for you to do is call our number and talk to one of our representatives in order to receive the help you need.

Currently we are not familiar with a specific boot camp that is located in Idaho. However we have listed many resources in Idaho that you can try in order to help your family.

Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention

The actual objective of the South west Idaho Teen Detention Center is to provide secure detention with regards to troubled youth who've broken regulations in addition to causing problems arond the community. These youth may be subject to appear in court. Additionally, the program is a fundamental element in changing the life of an at-risk youth. More info here.

Today, the state of Idaho offers reason to be happy with its juvenile rights system; however, a great deal of work needs to be accomplished. Idaho feels the need for helping troubled teens should start with the community. More info here.

If you are a parent of an out of control teen you may want to look into a boot camp alternative. There are private boarding schools and treatment centers designed to help teens with many different problems. Call us today and discuss your situation with one of our placement representatives.