How Do I Find A Boot Camp For A Teenager?

Troubled teen programs are favored by many parents as these can provide solutions for troubled teens helping them adjust in the society with ease. Parents can learn to handle difficult teens with the use and services of boot camps and boarding schools. While there are not many placement options still available there are still some to choose from. The problem comes with the cost of these programs. They are not cheap.

Finding a true boot camp is very difficult. There are troubled teen boarding schools however, that will accomplish the same thing as a boot camp. One problem many teens struggle with is being told no. Many parents struggle with parenting skills. They allow their children to make too many choices, when in reality the child needs to be told what to do and told NO when necessary.

The term boot camp goes back 40 years when juveniles were sent into the military rather than prison. The traditional military boot camp became their penalty for disobeying that law. From these starts private military boot camps came into existence. The teens were forced to follow orders just like they were in a military boot camp. Along with the boot camps came people that felt that the teens were being mistreated. They grew into several teen program haters, that will do anything to shut everyone of these type of programs down. We don't believe that children should be abused, and don't condone any such behaviors in programs we refer to. We don't own or control the programs that we refer to so we don't actually have any control of what they do.

While there are not many boot camps still around there are several troubled teen boarding schools to choose from. We work with several. They are not cheap and start in price around $3,500 per month. Many parents struggle finding a way to pay for this type of help. Some programs include therapy, and have professional staff that work with the troubled teens enrolled.

Most troubled teens can benefit from the help of a professional counselor or therapist. The problem comes when the teen doesn't believe they have any problems and refuses to take advantage of the help being offered by the professional. The old adage you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink applies in this situation. The counselor is available but they can't force the troubled teen to open up and get the help they really need. The program then becomes a controlled environment for the teen to live in until they really want to get some help. In some cases the teen will refuse the help they need for many months and prolong their stay in the troubled teen school and or boot camp. Once the teen begins to make progress many parents want to remove their teen from the program. This can be counterproductive as the teen will do better in the long run if they stay long enough to incorporate the behaviors they have learned into their daily lives.