Boot Camps in Alabama

This list will be updated when new programs and schools become available. The fastest thing for you to do is call our number and talk to one of our representatives in order to receive the help you need.

Currently we are not familiar with a specific boot camp that is located in Alabama. However we have listed many resources in Alabama that you can try in order to help your family.

Juveniles kept in Coosa Valley Juvenile Detention Center age from 10 to 18 years old. Pursuant towards the state of alabama law, juveniles Sixteen years old, that have committed a criminal offense, such as having a lethal weapon, aren't held in teen facilities. All juveniles positioned in the detention center were placed there with a court order. Juveniles held are usually waiting for adjudication proceedings on the overdue charges and are waiting for placement inside a teen center. This period varies from 24 hours up to approximately 8 weeks. Visit them here.

The entire goal of the Shelby Region Local Teenager Detention Service would be to produce a plan to house for short-term stays as well as providing safe custody of the defiant teen. In addition, the detention center provides a safer community because of the teen will be detained while the teen is awaiting trail. Visit them here.

The Baldwin County Regional Juvenile Detention Center was created to offer short-term care for troubled teen juveniles. These teens are accused pending court action and usually are waiting to be placed in other youth facilities. Visit them here.

If you are a parent of an out of control teen you may want to look into a boot camp alternative. There are private boarding schools and treatment centers designed to help teens with many different problems. Call us today and discuss your situation with one of our placement representatives.