Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

You may have heard from doctors or your child’s therapist that your child is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. However, you may now fully understand what this disorder is and that it can be completely cured with the right treatment from a qualified treatment center. Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, occurs when someone is subjected to an experience that is so traumatic it changes the way they think, feel and act. Certain circumstances can cause this disorder to occur such as; abuse, rape, death and many other types of trauma. There is no correct circumstance for this condition to occur. It depends on the specific person and how much stress their mind can take before it breaks down and creates this disorder.

Once your teen has post-traumatic stress disorder, it is much more difficult to get rid of than it is to get. Your child can encounter this issue in an instant and suffer their entire lives if they don’t get the right treatment. However, through intense therapy, methods such as EMDR (eye movement desensatation) and memory recall, your child can heal and move past the issue that has taken over their lives. Once a week therapy isn’t going to cut it when your teen is dealing with such a serious issue. They need regular therapy and progress monitoring that is only offered through a treatment center for your teen. Through therapy, hands on approaches and a special care for your teens best interests; your teen can heal and find happiness in their lives once again.

Our members at Teen Assist want to see your child get their life back just as much as you to. That’s why we have done extensive research to find the different types of treatment programs in your area. When you call up Teen Assist, we can offer you hope again. We can tell you what types of programs are available and help you decide which one would be the best choice for your teen’s needs. You and your child don’t have to suffer anymore. Call us today and let Teen Assist help you.