If You Suspect Your Teen Is Using Drugs Try A Home Drug Test

Substance abuse can be at the root of a teen drastically changing the way he or she treats their parents and siblings. It seems that once a teen begins smoking marijuana for example the teen loses interest in academics. The teen prior to pot may have been an excellent student with a set of admirable goals. Every drug can create a different effect in every teen. Because every teen is unique in personality, behaviors, likes, and dislikes it is impossible for a parent to determine what drug, if any, a child may be using simply by a observing a new set of behaviors.

The best way to really know what drug a child may be using is to perform a drug test on them. The test can not be pre-announced or the defiant teen may know of a way to alter the test. It is important for a parent to observe the test to reduce the chance of the test being altered. There are a plethora of sites on the internet instructing troubled teens on how to alter and pass drug test even if they have been using. It is worth the time for parents to search the internet for drug tests, and how to pass drug tests to gain knowledge on how to deal with this issue.

It is good to have at least a five panel test. This will make more sense when you spend a little time searching for drug tests online. The five panel test will help you determine what your child is into. With this knowledge you can now proceed with confidence as you establish a plan to curb the opportunities your child will have to use the drug of his choice. Some parents are surprised to find that their child has been smoking pot on the way to school, and even during the day. It is more common than some people may think for kids to go to school stoned or high. The best way to follow up is to random drug test your child when he or she least expects it.