Are there any military schools or boot camps for troubled girls?

Boot camps and military schools give the impression that they are an institution for boys. This seems to be a problem for parents who are facing issues raising their teenage girls. Since it is just as often that parents need to find a treatment for their troubled girls- there are also some options for them.

In many cases, military style boot camps may not be the right place to send a troubled girl if the aim is to see a positive change in her. Most military style boot camps tend to focus on changing behavior through degradation and humiliation. The change, therefore, is forced and short-lived and may not work out as a suitable solution for helping the troubled girl.

A more helpful solution is enrolling your troubled girl in a boot camp school which offers her a chance to change herself rather than be forced to change through punishment tactics. An organization which can be beneficial in finding just the right place to enroll your troubled teen is the Crosswinds Youth which offers boot camps, wilderness camps and therapeutic schools for troubled girls.

These boot camps, however, are not military style boot camps and they focus on counseling and therapy to bring about a long-lasting change in the teens. Rather than force the teen to abide by whatever rules are being declared, these boot camps use counseling and therapy to figure out the reasons for the girls being troubled. Those reasons are then worked on to ensure that the underlying issue the girl is facing is addressed so that the change occurs in the manner of thinking rather than the forced change in behavior that military boot camps focus on.

Schools of organizations such as Crosswinds have very affordable monthly fees and offer programs which are therapeutic in nature, along with counseling which addresses the underlying issues that cause the teen girls to behave in such a manner. Whereas military schools may not be the solution for troubled girls; boot camp schools are probably the best bet. Troubled girls yearn for an environment in which they can feel secure, and it is that environment that allows a positive change to occur from within.

As such, there are many therapeutic schools especially for teen girls while some them are for teens of both genders. These programs offer them a surrounding that allows them to build relationships with people who can help address the problems they are facing and bring a change that is long-lasting. Since these therapies are very common in the USA now; it is incredibly easy to look up any option that suits your family and your troubled teen. With a goal of bringing a revolutionary change in your daughter's way of thinking, such programs ensure a solution that is effective and lasting.