Oppositional Defiant Disorder

If your child is dealing with behavioral problems that go far past the norm, they may be dealing with a condition known as oppositional defiant disorder. This disorder is characterized as a mental health problem that occurs among teenagers and effects the way that they behave. A teen who is suffering from oppositional defiant disorder will show a patent of behavior that is hostile, defiant and disobedient and goes far beyond the behaviors that are a normal part of growing up.

This disorder often shows when a child is talking back, rebelling, has no recognition of the rules you set forth for them, and continues this behavior for a period of at least six months or longer. If you are unaware of your child having this issue, or have just found it, it may make sense that your child is constantly talking back, getting in trouble, lashing out and showing many other behavioral problems that you simply cannot get under control. ODD is a condition that controls your child’s behavior- they do not control it. It can be very difficult for your child to stop these behaviors on their own even if they really want to. As a parent, you need to step in and get your child help for their oppositional defiant disorder so they can go onto live a happy, healthy life.

There are many treatment programs available to teens who are dealing with this disorder. These programs will get your child the treatment they need to address their mental health condition and start your child on the road to recovery. Our professionals at Teen Assist know how difficult it can be for a parent to choose the right treatment program for their child’s specific needs. During times of stress with your child, your mind is all over the place and you do not want to choose a program that isn’t the right fit.

You don’t have to worry about looking through the many different programs and choosing one on your own when you turn to our staff. We have a large list of programs and can tell you exactly what each program will provide for your child and help you decide which will be most beneficial to them. You don’t have to be alone in your decision, and you can trust Teen Assist to provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your child is attending the best program for their unique needs.