Which is better, boot camp or boarding school for a troubled teen?

A troubled teen can be depressed, violent or on drugs and that makes parenting quite difficult. Parents of troubled teens usually spend their nights worrying about their child’s future. While parenting can seem very difficult with your teenager's violent behavior but there are ways to make it better.

To get your kid to right track there is always an option for a boot camp or a boarding school. But the question is between these two what actually the right choice is for your kid? Before making a final decision lets first look at pros and cons of both of them.

Although friendships can be seen in regular schools as well but it is often noticed that boarding schools develop lifetime friendships and the proof is a greater number of attendance at alumni and homecoming events.

Friends made at boarding school are not just ordinary friends but gives you an amazing lifetime experience. Boarding schools usually have smaller classes so equal attention can be given to each student. Boarding schools allow students to have informal meetings with their teachers that can be beneficial for the kids. One other good thing about boarding school is that they keep the child occupied whole day that means there is less contact with the technology.

The not so good thing about boarding school is that there is a long period of separation from parents that can lead to feelings of abandonment. This makes students miss their homes and this can make them frustrated and isolated.

Now coming to boot camps, the biggest advantage of boot camps is that it teaches a child responsibility and self-control. The intense structure of boot camps helps teens to improve their inappropriate attitudes.

Boot camps are best for the teens involved in some serious illegal issues. The environment there is highly structured and organized. The strict schedule does not allow children to indulge in illegal activities. It even benefits the health of the kid as there are many fitness programs designed for them.

The disadvantage of a boot camp is that they are not designed to deal with a child’s emotional or behavioral problems. They do not have therapeutic programs those can help a child with low self-esteem or anxiety.

The teens who are struggling with the issues of drugs and self-harm could not take benefit from boot camps. Even the strict environment can make the situation even worse for such kids.

So we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of both boarding school and boot camp, now we can make a decision about which one is better for a troubled teen. In my opinion boarding, schools are a better option for troubled teens as compared to a boot camp. Boot camps allow very little communication with the outside world that can make the situation even worse.

Keeping a child away from parents and siblings can be really disturbing. When a child gets homesick unlike boot camps boarding schools allow talking to parents on phone or even sick leaves. Boarding schools make students more independent and confident.