Are there any boarding schools, or boot camps for troubled boys?

As teenage years are marked by rebellion and a recurring thinking that your family, particularly your parents hate you and want to ruin your lives, some troubled teens become an extreme cause of anxiety for parents who see their children slipping through their fingers.

Drug and alcohol problems and criminal characteristics start to appear. In this situation, sending your child to boarding schools or boot camps is better than having them sent to jails, getting scarred, both emotionally and physically. What’s worse is that their records become stained forever.

As military schools tend to have tighter acceptance criteria, boot camps and boarding schools have been established in various areas. These schools are for troubled teens when all else fails.

Initially, boot camps were known for intense discipline and training. Apparently, shouting at a child enough ensured change. Exercises harsh enough to be categorized as abuse were used as punishment. However, studies showed that although stamina was built, children who came with anger management, emotional and behavioural struggles left either with short-term effect or became even worse.

Slowly but surely, boot camps were closed down and boarding schools were opened in their place. The remaining boot camps changed their culture. Boarding schools now have a more therapeutic approach that soothes away these psychological issues. They are more sensitive to emotional issues and understand that coercion is not always the way to go. This is why, children with sensitive problems like ADD,ADHD(Attention Deficit), RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), self-harm and substance abuse are now treated more affectively.

Now, there are hundreds and thousands of therapeutic boarding schools and rehabilitating boot camps for troubled teens, aiming at saving family relationships and your child’s future.

The main underlying ideology is to give your child an extremely different environment and use that environmental change to bring out the best in him.

This environmental change resets their already developed troubled traits and gives them a chance to deal with things differently. Somewhere in the adaptation process, these troubled children get distracted enough to become better.

In almost all of these schools, the staff stay on campus and are integrated in the students’ lives themselves. They monitor their behaviour and keep a strict check on their routines.

With perfectly balanced liberty and responsibility, a drastic and long-term positive change is witnessed in pre-teenage and teenage children, rescuing them from the ruins they would have gone to in their otherwise destructive ways. The staff treats them like family, making them unconsciously realize the value of love and understanding. They are given the opportunity to flourish once again.

Teen rescue programs like the RVCA (River View Christian Academy), CMA (Caribbean Mountain Academy) and New Horizons Youth Ranch offer care and love like that given to your child at home.

There is a big number of these boarding schools and boot camps in the US and throughout the world. Remember, sending your child to boot camp is always better than condemning them to a life of criminal record and jail time.