Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

If you are a parent of a troubled teen, your life may be in an uproar right now. You have probably tried punishments, ultimatums, therapy and other methods in an attempt to get through to your child. One consideration that you have is sending your child to a boarding school for troubled teens.

One thing that is very important in helping a troubled teen is a very structured environment. A boarding school does provide that. Your child will attend classes just as they would in a more traditional school setting. However, in a boarding school, they may have classes beyond the public school curriculum.

A boarding school that is designed for troubled youth will also have a set curriculum that will include individual, family and group therapy sessions. Being among other teens that are also having the same type of issues may also be advantageous for your child. Having someone to relate their problems on a peer level can be a great help. A child who is dealing with issues will often say that no one understands what they are going through and that they feel judged by their peers.

A boarding school environment also offers the structure that a troubled child needs. The campus will be the only place they have to go. They will live, eat, attend classes and counseling all on one campus. This will eliminate outside influences that may have been an issue previously. There will be strict rules as to when they are allowed off campus and with whom. There will also be structured meal and study time with a specific time that they must be in their rooms and have the lights out.

Being in a boarding school environment will also give your child a sense of responsibility. They will be responsible for cleaning their rooms, washing their clothes and they will usually have chores assigned to them on their dorm or living quarters. There are many different programs that are available. It is important that you research the different programs that are available for you and your child. Many therapeutic environments will also communicate and allow family cooperation.