Christian Boot Camps

One option parents look to when searching for help for their troubled teens are commonly known as Christian Boot Camps. The boot camp is similar to a Christian Boarding School for troubled teens, with the addition of a structured military style schedule. Former military personnel are hired to see that the cadets are up early and that they move from activity to activity. The military influence is also passed on through the academic component of the program.

Students that act out are required to do additional calisthenics or even extra chores. The students personal area needs to be spotless with their clothes folded and organized, beds are required to be made perfectly. This is a major adjustment for students that may never have made a bed in their lives. Cadets are also required to do their own laundry and assist in the kitchen chores. One can only imagine the culture shock the student is going through when they are first enrolled. Parents will usually be impressed with the progress the student makes in the first few weeks.

Parents Use Caution

After the student has been in the military style environment for a few weeks they will be using every trick in the books to be removed from the highly structured environment. Cadets will inform parents that they now know their parents are serious, and they promise to behave differently when they return home. Parents who are able to see through the manipulation should see that the teen finishes the program they are enrolled in. A parent who informs their child that they are committed to program completion will rapidly be reminded why they sent their teen away in the first place.

The teen will typically use some profane language, threatening to never speak to them again. This may last for a few weeks until the teen realizes that the parent will not compromise their decision. Parents should be in close communication with staff at the boot camp to assure their teen is making progress. In some cases the teen will try to out do their parents. This may be due to parents giving in to the child's requests in the past. If the parent buckles to the pressure, the teen will have won and the parents credibility will be compromised again. Most parents have a very difficult time making the move to place their child out of the home, so giving in can be a very easy thing to do.

Chose the Correct Option

When selecting a placement for a troubled teen parents need to feel comfortable they have made a good choice, and then stick with it. This can be accomplished by researching the placement option completely. A lot of research can be done on the Internet. As with any information medium parents should realize that not everything that is published on the Internet may be factual. The very best way to determine if a placement is adequate or not is to visit the school or camp, and meet the people that work with the teens. It may also be a good idea to check with the local law enforcement officials, and state licensing agencies while in the area.