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(NEW) Guest Expert Dawn DiRaimondo, Psy.D As a parent of two and a psychologist, I know that being a parent is one of the toughest jobs of your life. To parent a teenager- and a challenging teenager at that.

(NEW) Checklist When Choosing A Boarding School Before sending your teen away, make sure your teenager has been assessed to ensure that there is no clinical reason for their behavior, and to identify any possible depression.

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Teens & Drunk Driving One of the main reasons teens drive drunk is due to peer pressure.

Talk To Your Teen About Alcohol According to the ACEP teens who choose to get drunk before 21 will most likely struggle to maintain good grades and be on time to school.

Teen Dating And Violence When one thinks about dating, they rarely think about how dangerous it could be.

Teen Gang Violence If you drive down a highway in Los Angeles California it is almost impossible to avoid seeing graffiti or some sign of gang involvement.

Domestic Violence At Home Domestic violence has been around for centuries. It not only affects the two people involved in the fight but it involves the entire household.

Eating Disorders & Teens In this country there are hundreds of thousands of teens who have a serious eating disorder. Some studies estimate that 1 in 100 teenagers may have anorexia or bulimia.

Teen Rehab Centers Teenagers abusing drugs has become a serious issue nowadays. It may involve simply puffing a cigarette or using more dangerous drugs.

Teen Texting & Driving Teenagers' texting while driving has become a growing concern amongst parents and the society in general. Texting while driving is a very dangerous habit.
Tips & Advice To Stop Drunk Driving Teen underage driving is becoming a negative trend that needs to stop before more and more people get hurt or possibly killed.

New Law For Drunk Driving One thing that needs to be taken care of in this country is the severity of underage teen drinking and driving.

Religion May Stop Teen Violence Each year more and more teens are committing suicide. Some think that there are numerous reasons why a teen may commit suicide.

Teen School Violence In the past 20 years, high school violence has risen to a unfathomable level.

Teen Eating Disorders Cause Suicide A recent study has been conducted and shows that many teens who suffer with an eating disorder also may struggle with suicide feelings and thoughts.

Single Parenting A Teen Parenting a teen is tough job, especially when the parent is a single mother or a father.

Teenage Obesity Is Increasing Obesity has evolved into a serious problem now, more so, because it has begun taking its toll on teenagers.

Teen Video Game Addiction Nowadays, teens have become obsessed with playing games. Although, whether they are actually addicted to it or not, was not clear until a recent survey was made by a researcher of Iowa University.