Therapeutic Schools for Boys

Therapeutic Schools for Boys

People searching for help for a troubled teen soon realize that finding help can be a daunting task. Questions they ask range from what is the difference between a therapeutic boarding school, a traditional boarding school or a teen boot camp? It may also be confusing to some people that there are therapeutic boarding schools for boys and therapeutic boarding schools for girls. Many people believe it is better to separate the boys from the girls. This belief stems from experience of those who have witnessed the way boys try to show off for girls when they together. Combined therapeutic boarding schools for boys and girls are called co-ed therapeutic boarding schools. The therapeutic boarding schools differ from teen boot camps. Teen boot camps are designed to force teens to make better choices. In some cases the teen boot camps work, but in other cases the teens return to their negative behavior as soon as the supervision stops and they return home. In order for a program to have lasting benefits the program will need to be about a year in length. This length of program can be fairly expensive.

Therapeutic Schools for Girls

As discussed, many troubled teen program owners believe that it is better to keep the boys separate from the girls. The last thing any parent would like is for their daughter to come home pregnant, or their son to come home a new dad, having impregnated a girl. Therapeutic boarding schools for girls differ from teen boot camps for girls. The teen boot camp for girls is designed to instill discipline and obedience to basic commands. The Therapeutic schools for girls is designed to help a troubled teen girl work through the issues she is struggling with. Therapeutic Schools for girls are typically staffed mainly with female employees. This minimizes any issues the troubled teen girl may be dealing with surrounding the opposite sex. It sounds like it might not be a problem, but some programs hire male staff that are relatively young in age, and maybe even only a few years older than the girls in the program. Some programs require staff to never be alone, or one on one, with any participants in the therapeutic schools for girls. This is a good practice, and worth inquiring about when placing a girl in either a teen boot camp for girls or a therapeutic school for girls.

Residential Therapeutic Schools for Girls

The term residential therapeutic schools for girls indicates that the troubled teen girl will be residing at, or living at, the school. This creates a more controlled environment for the girls. The residential therapeutic school for girls allows staff and clinicians to see how the girl interacts through out the day and into the evening. The residential therapeutic school for girls also makes it difficult for the troubled teen girl to hide behaviors they exhibit after school hours. When a teen goes to counseling after school, or once a week, they can display behaviors they choose to exhibit rather than their day to day real life behaviors. In summary when staff spend more time with the girl they have a better chance to break through the facade they may be hiding behind.