Art Camp

For those interested in art, summer camps may be a great experience. Art camps provide young people the opportunity to not only better themselves and their artistic abilities, but also have the chance to associate with other young people who share their same interests and abilities. Being among others with their same interests can help them to feel more confident and eager to learn about art.

Which Is Right For You

So which art camp is right for you? There are several factors to consider when choosing an art camp for your artist.

- Location: Camp location can be extremely important especially when determining the cost of travel associated with any camp. Those camps located within driving distance can cut the cost of the art camp experience by almost half.

- Program: It is important to become familiar with the program itself and know what activities are offered to the participants. Some of the activities commonly offered at art camps include drawing, sculpture, pottery, crafts, and painting. Knowing what the program offers will allow you to know if your child will be invested in their time at camp.

Art Camp And The Staff

The individual staff makes up a large part of the overall experience of art camp. It is important that administrators perform extensive background checks and interviews as well as any additional evaluations deemed appropriate to determine that the staff that are hired are trustworthy and will only contribute to a safe and secure learning environment. Typically, staff at art camps are very knowledgeable and have much background with art themselves.

In addition to the quality of the staff the quantity is equally as important. A good question to ask is the staff-to-student ratio. It is important that there is an appropriate ratio to ensure the safety of the art camp participants. Additional questions regarding safety that are suggested would be: Are there medical personnel on staff? What are the emergency plans? What are the security precautions? Is the location safe and secure?

Art Camp and Skill Level

Finally, it is important to consider the skill level of you or your artist. Art camps often will offer a variety of skill level-specific activities for participants. This is crucial because of the activities offered prove to be either too advanced or not challenging enough, the camp participants will likely lose interest.

A Great Experience

Ultimately, art camps can be a great experience for those that participate. They will have the opportunity to develop their artistic ability while participating in activities that promote creativity. They will be able to develop social skills as they associate with others of the same age and that have the same interests. They will build self-confidence throughout the entire art camp experience.