Billy Blanks Program

Many of us have heard of fitness boot camps. The term boot camp suggest a rigorous training most often taking place outdoors regardless of the elements. However, Billy Blanks Boot Camp has a style of fitness training quite unique and has become one of the most popular and most successful training programs on the market today.

Meet Billy

To understand Blanks style one needs to know about the man himself. Billy Blanks was born in 1955 and is the fourth of fifteen children. He grew up on the tough streets of Erie, Pennsylvania. At a young age Billy overcame several obstacles including dyslexia and problems with his body, namely his joints. Through hard work and determination he overcame these adversities. Billy was introduced to martial arts at the age of eleven and never looked back. He has won many awards including becoming a world karate champion seven times.

Tae Bo

This love for martial arts is what led him one day in the creating of Tae Bo. Billy explains that it was by accident that he was trying to develop a new training program for himself when he realized the benefit it would have for others. His first training classes started in his garage and then eventually, when the classes became so popular, the training and boot camp program moved to a training facility in California. He enjoyed teaching these successful classes, and even caught the eye of super star Paula Abdul. Since then, Billy Blanks Tae Bo has become a household name and has helped housewives and movie stars alike get back into shape and gain a confidence they never thought possible.

The Program

Billy has developed several training programs that incorporate Tae Bo. One of these programs is Billy Blanks Boot Camp. The boot camp program uses some of the same techniques as traditional fitness boot camps. However, the majority of the exercises incorporate a martial art and boxing flavor that helps keep a high tempo and is fun and exciting. Many also enjoy the convince and flexibility of doing the work-outs in the comfort of their own home.

Many feel that Billy Blanks Boot Camp is a great stress reliever and as mentioned before, it is a program that helps individuals achieve incredible results in a short amount of time. This help individuals to build confidence and become motivated not only in the area of working out and becoming physically fit, but also in other areas of their life as well. If you are looking for a new exercise program and are tired of the same old aerobics classes, you will want to try Billy Blanks Boot Camp videos and experience the success that thousands have already experienced.