Boot Camp Fitness

Boot Camp fitness is a unique style of fitness training. There are such a wide variety of fitness programs that everyone should be able to find a program that works well for him or her. Boot camp fitness has been a huge success for those that prefer a military style approach to fitness training.

Boot camp fitness differs from more conventional training programs starting with the fact that typically the training sessions take place outdoors. It is an "all weather" program that will very rarely be cancelled or changed due to the weather. In fact, most trainers prefer working participants in the most extreme weather, being very hot or very cold, very dry or very rainy. Also, boot camp fitness programs have, as one would expect, a military feel to it. It is a hard changing program led by trainers that many times have first-hand experience of military boot camp.


Boot camp fitness focuses on several different types of fitness training exercises. These exercises include:

- Strength Training: Strength training utilizes a series of workouts such as sit-ups, push-ups, and weight lifting targeting different areas of the body. Like running, trainees will begin with what they are capable of doing and then the number of reputations will increase throughout the program, as they are able to do more. This is another way to track progress of each individual.

- Cardio/Running Exercises: Cardio training and running are both major parts of a typical boot camp fitness program. Most programs start out with perhaps a mile or two of running and then throughout the course of the program will increase to five miles and even ten miles as a daily exercise. This is a great way to increase endurance. Climbing stairs and jumping rope are also cardiovascular exercises that are typically done daily at a boot camp fitness program.

- Agility Training: Agility Training: Quite often agility training will include a series of agility exercises as well as some sort of obstacle course designed to push participants to their physical and mental limit. Progress is tracked by keeping the time it takes to complete the course. By comparing times, participants are able to set goals and work towards achieving them.

- Additional exercises may include a form of group training. This may be in the form of obstacle courses, or may even take the form of a rely race. These events help to promote teamwork and a level of trust among participants, which in turn helps provide motivation and encouragement from their peers.Boot camp fitness training is a unique opportunity to push oneself not only physically, but mentally as well. There is a mental toughness developed from doing hard-core workouts in the outside elements. For those that choose this type of training a certain sense of accomplishment comes from what they have experienced at a boot camp fitness program.