Bridal Boot Camps

As most of us know, society has become more and more weight-loss conscious. Almost all of us could probably lose and extra pound or two. There is, however, one group in particular that is motivated to utilize popular exercise programs and shed a few extra pounds: the soon-to-be brides. Ask any bride how she would describe her "big day" and chances are she will tell you that she wants to look and feel her very best.

Wide Variety Available

There are a wide variety of bridal boot camps available. Some are more traditional in that they take place outdoors, sometimes in the rain and mud, while others are located in an indoor training facility with very high-tech equipment. Many are found on DVD, which offers individuals to get in shape in the comfort of their own home. No matter what which style the soon-to-be bride chooses, there are typically three basic elements to a bridal boot camp.


First is the cardio or military style exercise training. This element of the bridal boot camp is focused on burning fat and building stamina. This component of the bridal boot camp may include running, intense hiking, biking, swimming, or even an elaborate obstacle course that is designed to test a participants stamina and coordination. This particular element of the bridal boot camp is the primary base because of the dramatic caloric and fat burn that results from the intense cardio activities.

Strength Training

The second element in a bridal boot camp is a strength training program geared toward building muscle and toning the body. Most of this type of training takes place with free weights and other muscle toning equipment. This element works hand-in-hand with the cardio aspect of the program because once fat is lost, it is much easier for individuals to build muscle and tone their bodies.

Emotional Workout

The third component to a bridal boot camp typically involves an "emotional workout". Since the bride will experience much stress in the months and weeks before her wedding, it is important for her to learn valuable tools that will help cope and deal with the stress that often surrounds the planning and preparation of a wedding. Instructors at a bridal boot camp can teach those vital coping/stress management skills that the soon-to-be bride can use not only for her wedding day, but also in her life in general.

A must For Any Bride

All girls should have the chance to participate in a girls camp, whether it is through a youth community group, or the girls church program. As mentioned above, girls camp teaches young girls vital skills and important lessons that they will use the rest of their lives.