Camp Counselors

For those interested in becoming camp counselors it is important to know what camps are looking for. Camp programs are looking for people that qualify in the following ways.

Working With The Youth

First, camp counselors work with youth generally of the ages 12-17. Counselors need to enjoy working with and interacting with young people. Camp counselors must care about the overall well-being of youth and be prepared to help them with their unique needs. Being a camp counselor is not for everyone. Many camps will require potential counselors to have previous experience working with youth.

High Moral Standards

Second, camp counselors need to have high moral standards and have the ability to act in a responsible and dignified manner no matter the situation. A camp counselors job is first and foremost to be a good example. The youth at camps idolize their camp counselors, so it is important for counselors to remember that and always act professionally and appropriately.

Highly Motivated Individuals

Third, camp counselors need to be highly motivated. Many programs put much of the day-to-day and hour-to-hour administrative responsibilities on the counselor. Often times the counselor is called upon to plan and present workshops or lessons as well as activities for the group or young people he or she is assigned to. In addition to being motivated, camp counselors must be creative. Many times, when activities or plans get changed or end faster than anticipated, camp counselors must be "quick on their feet" and be able to manage and plan activities for the youth they are in charge of.


Fourth, camp counselors must have some education. Depending on the camp facility, some camps will require that camp counselors have a degree in counseling or social work. Others may ask that there is some college education. Some may simply want a highly motivated person with a high school diploma. It is important that a camp counselor is somewhat educated for the fact that they are looked to and admired by the camp participants, and the more education that a camp counselor has, the more they are able to teach and demonstrate for the youth they are working with.

Must Love The Work

Lastly, and perhaps the most important aspect is that camp counselors need to care about the youth they are working in. They need to become invested in their lives, help them with their struggles, and rejoice with them when they are successful. Just as the name implies, camp counselors often offer counsel and guidance to youth and help them with many aspects of their lives. Camp counselors need to be a good listener, problem solver, and overall good person that have good social skills and enjoy people and their interests.