Fat Camp

With teenage obesity on the rise and reality television shows about anything and everything, including weight loss, it is no wonder that weight loss camps, also known as fat camps, are becoming more and more popular. The term Fat Camp is slang of course for summer programs for overweight kids, teens, and adults that are designed to help teach these participants proper diet habits as well as effective exercise programs. These fat camp programs focus on several major areas.

Fat Camp And Weight Loss

One aspect of the fat camp program calls for training in the area of the individuals daily diet. Learning to eat a healthy, well balanced diet is critical to the success of participants at fat camp. The participants in the fat camp programs are taught how to pick foods that are healthy and are part of a balanced meal. Individuals at the fat camp are intensively instructed on how to choose, cook, and prepare meals while living at fat camp, and then how to do it in the real world, i.e., when the participants return home. Participants are also instructed on what constitutes proper food portions for a meal as it relates to their general size and weight-loss goals.

Fat Camp and Exercise Programs

Participants are also introduced to an exercise program that is tailored to their current physical ability. Fat camp participants are instructed on how to combine different exercises to provide the most effective overall workout. Participants endure rigorous physical workouts and learn valuable skills that they are able to take with them when they exit the fat camp program.

Fat Camp and Weigh-Ins

Weekly weigh-ins at fat camps is a way for participants to track their progress. Weigh-ins can become extremely motivating and are a source of confidence. Weigh-ins also let instructors as well as participants know if they are loosing enough/too much weight.

Fat Camp and Self Confidence/Behavioral Therapy

As with most things in life, to achieve success in any area of ones life requires a determination that is first found in our own minds. Participants at fat camps are taught how to control their outlook and motivation through a series of mental exercises including positive affirmations, role play, and group therapy. Teaching the participants to have more control over their mental outlook contributes to their overall success in the other areas of the program and success in their overall experience at fat camp.

Fat camp and Success

Participants that take the program seriously and commit to the principles taught will most likely return home with a new found confidence, mental discipline, and weighing much less than when they began the fat camp training program. For some it can be a life changing experience that they will never forget. Fat camps have the ability to change and also add years to ones life.