Girls Camp

Girls camp is a one of the many great American past times which offers girls usually from the ages of 12-18 an opportunity of a lifetime to learn valuable skills that they will use all during their life. Girls camp usually takes place in the summer, and almost every community has some sort of youth group/church organization that offers some type of girls camp. While at girls’ camp, participants are offered a variety of exciting, educational activities all while being in the "great outdoors". Friendships and bonds are made that girls will carry with them forever. Many activities are offered at girls camp. Some of these activities include, but are not limited to the following.

Girls Camp and First Aid

Participants at girls camp are taught and even certified in First Aid. Nurses and other Emergency Medical Service professionals will come to girls camp and teach the girls the basics of first aid. This is a vital skill for girls to learn at such a young age because they eventually will have families and careers, and the fact that they know first aid will set them apart and give them the confidence they need in an emergency situation.

Cooking Skills

Girls camp offers the chance for girls to learn wonderful cooking skills all while being in the outdoors. Girls camp organizers will arrange for a professional cook or chef to come to the camp and teach the girls cooking basics. Unique recipes are tried and tested, giving girls a very hands-on approach to learning cooking essentials. This is one of the more popular activities that takes place at girls camp.

Motivational Inspiration

Often times, motivational speakers or highly esteemed religious figures will speak at girls camp and give an inspirational message to the girls. There is something about being out in nature and hearing inspirational messages that seems to stick with the girls and leave lasting impressions. These kinds of messages will hopefully inspire girls to better themselves and ultimately leave the girls camp a more inspired, hardworking person.

Recreational Activities

Girls camp is also a time for young women to get lots of physical exercise and try new sports and other activities. Canoeing, swimming, hiking, biking, and running are just a few of the recreational activities that girls get to participate while at girls camp. Many girls get very good at the sports they participate in while at girls camp and even continue to play/participate in the sport even after girls camp is over.

A chance Of A Lifetime

All girls should have the chance to participate in a girls camp, whether it is through a youth community group, or the girls church program. As mentioned above, girls camp teaches young girls vital skills and important lessons that they will use the rest of their lives.