Soccer Camp

With the popularity of soccer in the United States growing steadily over the years, so has the level of competition and level of play. Many athletes participate in camps and workshops that work towards strengthening individual skills of the players and help to raise their level of play and their knowledge of the game. Soccer camp programs vary widely in the specifics of their structure and usually will depend on the style of play of the operators of the camp. As with any sport there are different styles and different strategies. Many athletes enjoy learning from different styles to be able to take a little from each and blend their skills learned into their own unique style of play. Generally speaking however, the basic structure of soccer camps are similar to any other team sport camp. There will usually be camps for individuals and camps specifically for teams.

Camps for Individuals

Camps for individuals focus on the players proficiency with the basic skills of dribbling, passing and overall ball control. Depending on which position the player typically plays will depend on the specific skills that are to be developed. For example, the drills and focus for a player playing the striker or forward position will focus on dribbling and shots on goal. Those players on defense will likely work on skills unique to their position. Individuals who attend camps focused on individual players receive much one-on-one attention and get helpful advice and positive criticism from professional soccer coaches and athletes.

Team Camps

Team camps are designed to teach the basics of ball movement while the game of soccer is fast moving and almost continuous in play there are certain set plays that teams can develop and practice. These plays are designed for kick-offs, throw-ins, and corner kicks. Team camps help attending teams understand basic team strategy and team cohesion through challenges and exercise designed to make team members work together, trust, and respect one another.

Soccer Camps and Physical Training

It is recommended the players show up to soccer camp in good physical shape. Although there might be some running and other cardio workouts, these are mainly for warm up. Again, the soccer campís focus is teaching specific skills of play and not in physical training.

Emotional Training

Aside from the obvious benefits of attending a soccer camp (improved skills, learning new strategies, becoming "one" as a team), there are other skills as well; skills which focus on the mental and emotional aspect of playing soccer. Such skills as learning to be more motivated, determined, and committed are also taught at soccer camps. It is important for players to find motivation and strength deep inside themselves, and soccer camp is an excellent way to teach individuals these important skills.