Summer Camp For Teens

Teen summer camps were very popular in the past, but seemed to wane in popularity during the late eighties and nineties. However, teen summer camps look to be making a come back with a variety of camp programs that would benefit any teen however diverse their interests.

Outdoor Adventures

There are a wide variety of teen summer camps. There are the more traditional that hold to the camping title and are held in an outdoor setting. These camps focus on the study and interaction with nature and wildlife. Often these camps are located near a body of water and activities such as canoeing, fishing, and swimming are available. These types of camps expose campers to nature and provide the teens from an urban lifestyle the experience of roasting marshmallows around a real campfire and sleeping under the stars. These experiences might only be available to them through a summer camp program.

Teen Summer Camp and Education

Other types of teen summer camps are in a more urban setting such as programs that are held ad a college campus. These campers trade a tent or cabin for a dorm room with indoor plumbing. These programs often will provide a variety of workshops that are more academic in nature such as focusing on writing skills, photography, science, and other subjects. This type of teen summer camp allows campers to enjoy many of the facilities of the campus such as swimming pools, bowling, movie theatres, and sports facilities. Many times these summer camps will have day trips throughout the week and will visit special interest locations throughout the surrounding areas and communities.


There are teen summer camps that are structured the same as the previously mentioned camps, but they also have a religious foundation. These teen summer camps focus on motivation and inspiration. Counselors often are trained as a motivational-figure that is designed to help build self confidence and faith. Parents should be sure to research the activities and curriculum that is being taught to ensure they are comfortable with the material and that they coincide with the belief system that is accepted in their home.

Teen Summer Camp and Sports

There are teen summer camps that are dedicated to learning and developing skills in a specific sport such as basketball, football, or soccer. These camps focus on training teens and giving them the necessary abilities to effectively play their specific sport. Teens get helpful advice and tips from coaches and trainers and teens are also able to interact with other teens that have their same interests.

Weight Loss

Another type of teen summer camp that is becoming more and more popular are camps designed to help overweight teens lose weight and learn how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. Doctors, trainers, and other health experts teach teens valuable lessons that they take with them and use in the real world. No matter which type of camp you choose to involve your teen in, they will benefit and grow from the experience gained by being exposed to things they might not experience otherwise.