Volleyball Camp

Volleyball is a widely popular sport among both men and women. Almost all middle schools and high schools have a girls volleyball team, and some schools even have a boys volleyball team as well. Many of these volleyball players get good at their game and continue playing the sport on a college level and also on professional leagues. Volleyball players must be quick on their feet, be able to jump high and move fast on the court, and know the rules and procedures of the game. For this reason, there are volleyball camps offered to teach players and coaches valuable skills and strategies to better their game.

Public School Camps

Many public school volleyball camps are held during the summer when it is easier for individuals to attend without missing school. Public school volleyball camps are typically held on college campuses, offering participants the amenities they need such as food and housing. The participants also have state of the art gyms and other exercise equipment to use while staying on the college campus. Often times, several teams from different schools will attend the same camp and teams eventually get the opportunity to compete against each other. Most often, the public school program will pay for most of the cost of the volleyball camp for their team. This is very beneficial, as volleyball camp can be costly at times.

Private Camps

Private volleyball camps are for individuals who attend camp on their own and not with the whole team. This type of camp is much more individualized; instructors and trainers are able to turn their focus on individuals and help them with their own unique needs. These types of camps are held at colleges, recreation centers, and other private volleyball facilities. Private volleyball camps are a bit more expensive because of the individualized attention participants receive. Although the cost is more, the attention and focus participants receive from the training professionals is priceless.

Motivational aspect

Whether volleyball players choose a public camp or a private camp, there is always a motivational aspect that comes along with the camp. The game of volleyball is not only about being able to spike a ball, it involves dedication, hard work, and endurance. Volleyball camps will teach participants how to be not only physically dedicated to the game, but emotionally as well. Professional volleyball players and coaches often speak at volleyball camps and inspire the participants to improve in their volleyball game, and in their life as well. This type of motivation makes players feel encouraged and motivated in all areas of their life. No matter which type of volleyball camp a player chooses, they will benefit tremendously from the camp. Many professional volleyball players owe their talents and skills to volleyball camps they attended while in their youth.