Camp Counselors

Exercise programs vary widely. Many wanting to shed the pounds have tried every new approach to personal fitness and exercise and even have experienced a different degree of success. One of the newer approaches to personal fitness if a type of program based on the military style of physical training used during military boot camp. This training is appropriately named weight loss boot camp and is a completely different approach at weight loss from the aerobics classes of yesterday.

Weight loss boot camps are designed to push an individual not only physically but also mentally. Many times these programs begin very early in the morning and do not end until the evening. The program is rarely if ever cancelled due to the weather outside; in fact, many weight loss boot camp trainers prefer working individuals out in extreme elements. Weight loss boot camps are designed to force the individual participating to commit to the program at a higher level then they have ever had to commit to before. The results have been quite impressive.

Components of Weight Loss Boot Camp

Like the military program, training will usually take place outdoors. Boot camp training will often include several different types of exercise activities. Some of these include the following:

- Cardio/Running: Running is a main staple of weight loss boot camps. Generally the program begins with participants running a mile. This is designed as a warm-up. Gradually the distance is increased and in some programs, participants reach five miles, or beyond.

- Strength Training: Another types of training that is typically part of a weight loss boot camp is strength training. These exercises can include push-ups, sit-ups, and various forms of jumping exercises. This type of training is the "down and dirty" form of strength training and is a "back to basics" approach. There is a mental toughness that is developed by doing one hundred push-ups in the mud while during a down-pour. It is a reminder that this isnít your grandmaís training program.

- Agility Training: In addition to running and strength training, weight loss boot camps will often include agility training most often in the form of an obstacle course. It likely will be a timed course to allow tracking of oneís progress during their training and allows participants to set and reach specific goals.

- Group Training: Other exercises at a weight loss boot camp may include group training which promotes team work and a level of trust with classmates which in turn provides much needed motivation and encouragement.


Weight loss boot camps, of course, are not for everyone. Participants must be in good physical shape and in most cases be under a doctors supervision while attending a weight loss boot camp. For those who enjoy a challenge and are ready to become physically and mentally strong, weight loss boot camp is the answer!