All Boy Boarding Schools

There are many types of Boarding Schools available for students to choose from. There are co-ed boarding schools, all girl boarding schools, and all Boy Boarding Schools. The advantage to a single sex boarding school is the removal of the age old problem of boys trying to impress girls and vice versa. When boys are placed in an all Boy Boarding School the desire to impress girls is removed. Boys will still try to impress their peers, but the problems associated with this behavior seems to be less than that in a co-ed school. This is not to say that boys will not show off for other boys, but the risk is often not worth the potential punishment. There are many all Boy Boarding Schools across the country. If you are interested in an all boys boarding school give us a call, we will try to find an appropriate placement for your teen.

Boy Boarding Schools Vary

Not all boy boarding schools are created equal. Just like any business, and that is what many boy boarding schools are; not all are run effectively. Anytime you have a bunch of boys living together you will have problems to encounter. In all boarding schools, there is always the alpha dog contest. Similar to the animal world boys operate on an alpha dog mentality. This means that boys will posture, even fight to determine who the dominant male in their group is. All Boy Boarding Schools need to understand this principle and further understand how to help it happen without causing harm to anyone. It is important to investigate any potential boarding school options being considered to see how they handle their student posturing.

Boy Boarding School Downside

The downside to an all boy boarding school is the lack of social skills when interacting with the opposite sex. When boys only interact with boys they may become introverted, and intimidated when in the presence of their female counter parts. This is not always the case, but has been known to happen. When older boys go into an all Boy Boarding School they are less likely to encounter this type of problem. In many cases boys that are placed in an all boy's boarding school, are placed there because they spend too much interacting with girls. In this instance it is good for boys to have some separation from the opposite sex. This separation may even create an appreciation for the females they encounter when they leave the restrictive setting.

Boys Boarding School Summary

In searching for a boy boarding school it is important to determine what it is that you would like to have your son accomplish while he is away. With the end in mind, you will be much better equipped to ask questions that will help you determine if the placement you are considering is the best choice. As with any placement option it is always important to visit the potential boarding school and meet the staff.