Teen Eating Disorder

Teens and eating disorders can be a very dangerous combination. The stress and uncertainty that teens go through are difficult enough without compounding the problem with an eating disorder. Disorders range from very mild and even become life threatening. Many of the eating disorders are a result of a poor or distorted self image. For example, a person with an eating disorder can look in the mirror and see a fat disgusting person staring back at them. In reality they are not even a little over weight, and may be relatively attractive. The distortion in perception can be assisted by medication and therapy. More than anything it is important to understand that an eating disorder of any kind can be very dangerous and should not be left unattended.

Eating Disorders and Teen Icons

It is impossible to open just about any magazine and see a model at a healthy weight. The majorities of models pictured in just about every magazine are very thin and appear to be anorexic. This can lead to an unrealistic expectation that some teens inflict on themselves. Teens that are trying to lose weight will try just about anything to get into a smaller size pair of jeans. If this unrealistic expectation continues it can contribute to an eating disorder. If a teen doesn't get a reality check by someone, they may end up fighting an eating disorder the remainder of their lives.

Eating Disorders and Binging and Purging

One dangerous form of weight control and a true eating disorder is known as binging and purging. A person will starve themselves until they are famished, they may not eat much of anything for several days. At the end of the starvation period they will consume large quantities of food, foods that are less than healthy. Once they have stuffed themselves, they will immediately go to the bathroom and throw up everything they have just eaten. This eating disorder is commonly known as Bulimia or Bulimia Nervosa. To get rid of the entire calorie festival they have consumed some people will fast for several days, use laxatives or even give themselves enemas. Needless to say this is a very unhealthy even dangerous way to control weight.

Anorexia Deadly Eating Disorder

Anorexia is another type of eating disorder. Anorexia is the result of unrealistic expectation which can easily turn into an obsession. The person suffering from Anorexia will literally punish themselves by refusing to eat, or eating very small amounts of food. Purging is usually also a part of the truly Anorexic person's life. If you suspect that your child or loved one has an eating disorder, pay particular attention to how much they eat. It is also important to stay with them for an hour or two after they eat. If the person is losing weight and you are concerned, it is important to make some type of intervention.