Is Your Teen So Defiant You Don't Know What To Do?

A teen that has decided he is going to go his own way and do his own thing can create serious problems for his parents. Some parents may not realize that if the kick their troubled teen out of the house the parent is still responsible for any damages that the at risk youth may generate. For example in most states if the teen is living on the streets or with a friend and he or she steals a car the parents will be required to attend any legal proceedings and more than likely pay any legal fees, court costs, and damages incurred by the defiant youth.

It is difficult for some parents to understand why the teen has suddenly turned so rapidly against them. In a matter of a few weeks a well behaved child can turn into an angry rebellious individual. Most parents will immediately try to figure out what they have done wrong, blaming themselves for the new negative behavior of their once loving child. Parents in most cases are only partially to blame. The conditions of the world today with wars, financial crisis, and anything else the teen may be facing in his local circle can create this type of rage.

If a parent is going to repair relationships they will have to drastically increase their efforts to become involved in their child's life. Even with increased efforts it may be too little too late. The best time to be involved in a teen's life is before they become a teen. Relationships developed from childhood and nourished continually as the child grows will usually allow a family to weather the storm of teen age trauma