Teen Boarding Schools

Teen boarding schools come in a variety of types, structures, and philosophies. There are teen boarding schools that deal with troubled and defiant teens and those that deal with academic scholars. To discuss them effectively it is better to divide them into troubled teen boarding schools and traditional teen boarding schools. We will give a brief introduction to both schools, and a hotline to call for more detailed information on the many different types of teen boarding schools that are available.

Traditional Teen Boarding Schools

Traditional Teen Boarding Schools have been around for a very long time. In the past they Teen Boarding Schools were only for the very wealthy. In some cases wealthy parents that didn't want to deal with their children would send them to such boarding schools. They atmosphere at these types of boarding schools is similar to life in a college setting. The students have classes in different areas spread across the campus.

Students are expected to maintain a certain GPA or grade point average. Students who fail to keep their grades up may be expelled from a traditional teen boarding school. Some of the more established schools have a waiting list, making expulsion to make room for a more dedicated student a logical move. Most of these types of schools will also have a stringent enrollment process. Many of these teen boarding schools require a letter of recommendation from the potential student's previous academic locations.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

The troubled teen boarding school is not as concerned with the student's grades as they are how much trouble he or she has been in. It is expected that a teen going to a troubled teen boarding school will not be doing very well in school. In many cases teens are placed in the boarding school without ever having any knowledge where they are going. This type of boarding school has become more popular in the last 10-15 years. We believe one reason for the increase in attendance at this type of school is the no tolerance policies of many public schools.

Teen Boarding School Summary

Given the current economic situation it is more important than ever that a teen gets a good education. The tragedy is that many teens do not have the mental capacity to understand the gravity of not receiving an education. This is also a contributing factor to parents seeking a more restrictive environment for their teen's education. Sometimes the only way to see that a troubled teen will receive an education is to place them in a teen boarding school. Some people may view these as demeaning, even abusive. It is important to make sure that any teen boarding school being considered is investigated thoroughly to assure the teens safety.