Family Camping

Family camping can be a very fun way for families to grow closer together and create fond memories. It is true that children will remember things the family did together more than the things that were bought for them. Sometimes the best gift a parent can give their children is some of their time. Family camping can also be an inexpensive vacation. Once the camping gear is bought the only cost is the price paid for camping. Some families camp in areas that don't charge camp site fees making their vacations even less. Family camping is also a great way to teach your children survival skills. There are many things that teens can be taught in the quiet of the great outdoors that will not have as much significance taught anywhere else.

Teens and Family Camping

By the time an adolescent reaches their teenage years they will more than likely not be interested in any type of family camping adventure. On the other hand if a child has been raised with camping experiences they will more than likely still have a little desire to go. Teens are so tied into cell phones and specifically texting that they may not want to go if they do not have cell service. Most camping spots are not going to have cell service so they will be out of communication for a few days. This can be a great time to re-establish family bonds especially with the teen that typically won’t do much with the family. It can be challenging to convince the teen to come along but the benefits usually outweigh the challenge.

Family Camping and Toddlers

Families that camp a lot usually have ways to keep track of their little ones. When little ones wander away, a minute can seem like an eternity. Special care should be taken when planning a family camping trip that includes toddlers. Because of the dangers of the out doors it is important that the family designate someone to watch the little ones all of the time. When a toddler is taken on family camping trips they will grow up with the idea that camping is just a part of what their family does. This upbringing and family tradition may make the teen more willing to come as they grow older.

Family Camping Summary

While there are dangers to prepare for a family camping trip can be a lot of fun. It is wise to know the camping about the camping spot that you have selected. For example is there any fire danger? Are there any bears, wolves, snakes, etc.? This type of information can usually be obtained on the Internet, or by making a call to the National Forest Service. A good understanding of the dangers surrounding a location can make the family camping trip a more enjoyable experience.