Troubled Teens

The term troubled teen has come to mean a teen that is acting out and defiant of most types of authority. The troubled teen is also usually involved in substance abuse and alcohol abuse. The troubled teen can be found in both large and small cities. The troubled teen will usually be failing in, or performing poorly in school. The truly troubled teen will usually be alienated from his parents and family. There are many troubled teens that fall somewhere in the middle or on the way downhill to becoming a truly troubled teen. No matter where the troubled teen is on the scale of ok to truly troubled, it is wise for parents to develop a plan to help them.

Troubled Teen Help

There are several options for parents to consider when searching options for a troubled teen. There are troubled teen boot camps, troubled teen boarding schools, and even troubled teen residential treatment centers. They are all good options, but they range in price, and services they offer. It is a good idea to understand what they do and who they help before placing a teen in a program of any kind.

Troubled Teen Boot Camps

The troubled teen boot camp is designed for teens that have little or no respect for any form of authority or adult leadership. The main focus and flavor of the program is centered on a military style program. The cadets will be forced to act as if they were in a military boot camp. They will be required to answer yes sir, no sir, etc. They will arise early have a day full of calisthenics and running. They will have very little time to themselves. This type of program is less popular than it used to be due to some tragic events in some troubled teen boot camps.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

A troubled teen boarding school is much less invasive than the troubled teen boot camp. The students will either be on a points and levels system or introduced to a positive peer pressure type program. They are different, and both have their merits. We recommend the positive peer pressure style program as we believe it teaches the troubled teen to accept accountability more effectively than the points and level system.

Troubled Teen Residential Treatment Centers

The troubled teen residential treatment center or troubled teen RTC is geared for teens that are struggling with substance abuse issues. Most residential treatment centers are staffed with Dr's and Nurses and typically are much more clinical than the previous two types of troubled teen programs mentioned. Another candidate for the troubled teen RTC is a teen that is struggling with some type of psychiatric diagnosis. These types of programs and facilities are well equiped to help teens with a wide range of problems.

Troubled Teen Program Choice

If you are a parent looking for help for a troubled teen and you would like some advice, please give us a call. We have been helping parents find programs for troubled teens for several years, and we will share our insight with you. We have several programs that we have researched and referred teens to that have proven to be successful. There are many choices when it comes to placing a teen, if you would like some help please give us a call.