Teen Pregnancy

Helping a Pregnant Teen can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to consider. The first piece of information necessary to sort through is if the father of the child is going to accept any responsibility. If the biological father will accept his responsibility this will reduce the work needed by the mother of the child and her family. In an ideal world the parents of the unborn child would get married raise the child in a happy home and everyone would live happily ever after. Obviously this type of scenario doesn't happen very often. A more realistic view would be the father of the unborn child will help a little financially and then fade in and out of the child's life.

Finding Pregnant Teen Help

There are several places to find pregnant teen help. A search on the internet will produce several options that will help most families. While there are government agencies that can provide some assistance usually the majority of pregnant teen help will be the responsibility of the pregnant teen's family. It is sad that the boy who impregnates a girl is able to virtually walk away from a life long struggle for the teenage girl. Even sadder is the teenage girl whose life has been permanently altered simply because she didn't really believe that she would get pregnant.

Pregnant Teen Help and Information

It is estimated that about 30% of all teenage girls will become pregnant at a cost to the United States of over 8 Billion per year. The need for pregnant teen help or help preventing teens from becoming pregnant has reached a critical point. There is controversy over what type of action should be taken. Some say that abstinence is the best way to keep teens from getting pregnant. Others believe that offering birth control to teens will help the most. While we believe that abstinence is the best answer, if a teen is going to have sex they should always use some form of birth control. Not only for pregnancy issues but to protect the teen from contracting some type of STD sexually transmitted disease.

Preventing the Need for Pregnant Teen Help

The only 100% accurate way for a teen to not get pregnant is for them to refrain from sex until they are ready to become a parent. This may seem a little idealistic but in reality there are many youth that practice abstinence. Some have even taken a vow no remain a virgin until they are married. There are several sites on the Internet where abstinence vows are discussed. A key factor in preventing a teen from dealing with teen pregnancy is parental involvement. This is not to say tat if parents are involved their teen will not become pregnant. We do believe that if parents are involved in their teen's life they will less likely have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.