Teen Ranch Programs

Ranch Style Programs are a unique and interesting way to reach a troubled teen. The idea behind this program is for the teen to engage in farm chores, feeding animals, hauling hay, possibly even working with a horse. The ranch style program has been a life saver for many families. There is something to be said about going back in time to the days when the majority of a person's day was filled with hard work. 100 years ago teens were less likely to get into trouble as they were too tired at the end of the day to do much more than go home and go to bed. Many farmers still have long hours and days filled with strenuous labor. The philosophy behind this program is sound as long as the staff can get the teen to buy in to concept.

Ranch Programs and Equine Therapy

Some ranch programs combine the chores and step back in time with a more structured equine therapy component. Equine therapy and ranch programs logically go together very well. The equine therapy program uses horses to break through the tough exterior the teen has built up. In some cases teens that have been previously unreachable, are touched by the respect and love they develop for a horse. There are many valuable lessons that can be taught when the traditional ranch program is combined with an intense equine therapy program.

Ranch Program and Education

Most ranch programs are also effective at providing a quality education for those enrolled. Some ranch style programs use online style education that can be a very effective way for a teen to get caught up in school. Some teens become discouraged when they get behind in school and eventually give up altogether. There are many reasons teens fall behind in school, in some instances the teen becomes bored waiting for the class to catch up with them. The bored teen begins to react in a variety of ways including disruptive out of line actions that eventually get the student expelled from school. Once out of school the downward spiral seems to take over and before long the teen is in need of some type of help.

Ranch Style Program Summary

In summary ranch style programs can be a very effective way to reach a teen that may have been previously unreachable. There are some very good ranch style programs in the country. If you are interested in exploring a ranch style program please give us a call, we would be happy to discuss options that may be helpful for you. If a child is attracted to animals or has an interest in a western lifestyle, they may be a great candidate for a ranch style program.