Steroid Abuse

Steroids and steroid abuse is taking place today in many schools and athletic forums. There are two different types of steroids. One type is Anabolic which is used increase muscle mass. The other type is Androgenic steroids they are used to increase masculine characteristics. They are both man made and are related to the male sex hormones. Steroids are only available "legally" to treat people who have low amounts to treat testosterone and delayed puberty and possibly impotence. There has been some controversy recently with professional athletes who have used steroids to increase their physical capabilities. Most sports will disqualify an athlete that is caught using these types of drugs.

Steroids Health Risks

When misused, Steroids can lead to severe health problems some that can in some cases be irreversible. Here are some health risks that male steroid users may encounter:

Steroid Pro's and Con's

From the previous list it is hard to imagine anyone using steroids. There are far too many negative results. There are professional athletes who have used steroids that have died as a result of using the dangerous drugs. About 10% of men that used steroids eventually went on to use some other type of illicit drug. Some teen usually boys are drawn to the short cut to a muscular body aided by steroids. As with any other drug they feel they are invincible and that the terrible things that can happen wonít happen to them. Parental involvement in their teenís life can be very helpful in identifying a potential problem with a teen using steroids.