Christian Boarding Schools

Christian Boarding Schools have become more popular in the last few years. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the removal of prayer and the inability to even mention God in the public schools. There are those that believe the very reason our country is in the shape it is today is due in part to these reasons. Christian Boarding Schools are not usually mandated by state laws requiring that God and religion be kept out the classroom. Parents who are unable to afford the tuition may in some cases remove their child from the public school system. Home schooling has become an alternative for parents that believe in the importance that religion play's in their teen's life.

Troubled Teen Christian Boarding Schools

There are also a variety of troubled teen Christian boarding schools spread across America. These schools offer religious based help, discipline, and education for teens that are headed for disaster. There have been many teens helped through Christian Boarding Schools. The teens grow to appreciate the structure and the absence of drugs, sex, and the outside world. Many teens gain an appreciation for God and his teachings while they work on the other issues they have.

Christian Boarding School Backfire

As with anything there are Christian Boarding Schools that don't accomplish what they say they will, in fact they may create more harm than good. Religion and a strong belief in God are usually best fostered in a non forced situation. Many teens will immediately turn the other direction when given any direction. The same is true in a Christian Boarding School, the teen already resentful of being placed in a Christian Boarding School may go the opposite direction, and begin to blame God, their parents, and boarding school for their current situation. Most people prefer to choose what and how they worship. This makes trying to force religion on them a no win situation.

Nightmare at Christian Boarding Schools

There is also a potential negative factor involved when considering a Christian Boarding School for your child. Many states do not regulate the Christian Schools, like they do the other boarding schools. Some Christian Boarding Schools are not even licensed by the state. This does not make them a bad school, just a school that doesn't have much regulation or over site. That being said just because a facility is state licensed doesn't make it a great program either. It is always best to visit a program prior to placing a teen there. An un-announced visit it always best. Drop in and see how things operate when no visitors are expected. Any school Christian, Private, State Licensed, or not can put on a show for a few hours. To see a programs true colors show up and see how you are received.