Teen Boot Camps

Are you a parent who is frustrated with the behavior of your teen? Is he failing school and hanging around with the wrong crowd? Maybe he is lazy and won't help out around the house or do common household chores. If this sounds like your teen, you may need help. One way to determine if your teen is headed down the wrong path is the friends he is hanging around with. Peer pressure is a major influence in a teens life. They will usually do what ever their friends are doing. Make sure you have them over so you can get a good look at what type of friends they are hanging with.

Military Style

One reason a parent might like boot camp is the fact that the teen is forced to obey authority. Usually a troubled teen will talk back and be disrespectful towards a parent or school authority. Boot camp drill instructors will not take crap from a defiant teen. They will get up in the teens face and challenge them until they give up and eventually do what is asked. One advantage of a military boot camp is the very strict schedule that the teen will have to follow. They wake up around 6 am, make their beds, eat breakfast, and start the day with hard calisthenics. Most boot camps will have a flag raising ceremony and state the pledge of allegiance.

Boot Camp And Education

Probably the second best reason to send your troubled teen to boot camp is the fact they will receive an education. The boot camps we work with have great education plans which can help any teen catch up and get the credits they need to graduate. Some teens that enter the program are way behind in formal high school and have no chance to graduate and earn a diploma. Troubled teen military schools work really hard to ensure each student is caught up and in some cases, graduate early. When your teen arrives home, he also will be able to take all of the credits he earned and apply them to his old high school. We also respect your privacy and will not divulge the fact that your teen was placed in a special boot camp unless you give us permission.

Long Term Stay

Some people that are caught up in the t. v. boot camp hype may think one weekend is all it takes in order to change their teens behavior. That is one misconception that people need to take into account. For long lasting results that will change your teen from the inside out is the length of stay at the school. We recommend 6 months to a year. It really all depends on how bad the teens behavior is before he is admitted into the military school. One thing to consider is the age of your teen. For the best results it is smart to send your teen when they are 13-15. When a teen is young, it is easier for them to change. If you teen is 13-15 call us and we will evaluate your options. Get help before its to late.