At Risk Youth Help

The most important thing that the parent of an at risk youth should consider is that it is better to seek help a little too early than a little too late. If a parent believes their child is heading in a negative direction, they should talk to someone right away. We believe parents are blessed with a special insight helping them know when their child needs help. If a parent believes or feels that their child is in trouble, they probably are. Parents should not feel alone, there are hundreds of families in the same situation they are in. Many programs and boarding schools offer parent support groups that assist parents by bringing parents of at risk youth together. This support system gives parents someone to lean on when they are feeling alone.

At Risk Youth Warning signs

The term at risk youth can mean different things to different people. When discussing at risk youth we are talking about a child that is at risk of legal troubled, substance abuse, or even academic failure. The at risk youth could be considered a troubled teen in the making. While the child is still in the at risk phase, he or she may be still easily be turned in a positive direction. The opposite is also true, the youth could just as easily head down a negative path as well. There are many opinions on what will save an at risk youth, we believe that parental involvement is a very important factor in the process. This is not to say that there are not good parents that have at risk youth. There are many behaviors that can indicate that a child is flirting with an at risk status they include:

These are just a few indicators that a child may be heading down the wrong path. There are many other less extreme things that can happen preceding these signs. If a parent is worried that their child is heading in a negative direction, they would be wise to seek some professional help. We are not Dr's or medical professionals but we have practical experience working with families of at risk youth. If you would like to talk to someone, give us a call we would be happy to help you to the best of our ability.