Bipolar Disorder

Another name for BiPolar disorder is Manic-Depressive Illness. This mental condition can create some serious mood shifts, loss of energy. It in some cases can even immobilize the person. Most everyone goes through ups and downs, they are part of life. It is not uncommon for BiPolar Disorder to break up marriages and severely strain any relationship. The good news is that there are many different types of medication to treat the illness. With proper medication a person suffering from BiPolar Disorder can live a normal happy life. Bi Polar doesn't usually surface until a person is in their late teen age years. About 50% of BiPolar diagnoses occur before a person reaches the age of 25. There are extreme cases when a child may even show symptoms of BiPolar.

Undiagnosed BiPolar

It is difficult to detect Bi Polar in many people. Some people suffer for years before they are able to get adequate help. Some people will "self medicate" meaning they may have Bi Polar or some other mental illness that is undiagnosed. They will use illegal drugs or alcohol to relieve the pain and suffering associated with this serious illness. While these methods bring some short term relief they will lead to other problems. When a person suffering from undiagnosed Bi Polar drinks to feel better they may become addicted to alcohol now compounding their problems.

BiPolar Treatment

Modern technology has made tremendous progress in the treatment of depression. With proper medication a person with BiPolar can enjoy a relatively normal life. One problem associated with the bipolar patient occurs when they stop taking their medication. The bipolar diagnosed person feels better when they are on medication so they stop taking meds. This creates problems for the diagnosed person and those around them. The difficulty happens because the medicated bipolar patient begins to think they have overcome the disease and that they can make it without meds. The reason they feel better is because they are medicated. There are also dangers associated with going off of a medication without the assistance of a Dr.

BiPolar Summary

Some bi polar patients do not like the way the medication they are taking makes them feel. The Dr. has many different types of medications available, the patient and Dr. should work together until they have found the most effective medication. It may be that the patient will have to just deal with the way the bi polar medication makes them feel. The alternative to no medication is usually much worse than the side affects of the medication.