Teen Bullying

For many adults bullying used to be something we dealt with. In today's society bullying is much more closely monitored. The penalties for bullying are much more severe than they used to be. Schools even have complete protocol to follow when a bully is discovered. According to a government sponsored website 30% of the youth today are involved either as a bully or a victim. Bullying. What used to virtually be ignored has turned out to be a significant issue in the world today. Most schools have someone that is designated to deal with this problem. If your child is a victim, or even a bully it would be helpful to contact your local school district to see what help is available.

Bullying and the Victim

If your child is the victim of a bully they will more than likely be reluctant to talk about their problem. In many cases the bully has threatened the child to keep quiet or they will face consequences. The are some signals that parents can look for. If a child is all of a sudden refusing to go school, or they become very quiet when they are asked how things went at school, they may be facing this issue. If a teen is hesitant to talk about it parents can contact their teacher and have them watch for any problems. The worst thing that can be done is nothing at all. A child should not be afraid to go to school. A child's friends may also be a source of information. It is important for parents to get to the bottom of the issue and to find a solution that will work for their child.

Bullying and Cyber Bullying

Some teens may be receiving threats or ridicule via the Internet. This problem is commonly known as cyber bullying. As if it isn't hard enough for a child to face their bully at school, they may also be receiving ridicule and threats on the Internet. This can be helpful for parent's trying to determine why their child is acting differently. Girls can be victimized and bullied via the Internet also. There have been teens that have taken their own lives because they felt so terrible about the ridicule they were receiving. The majority of cases will not go this far but cyber bullying is real and a problem that parents need to be aware of. The advantage for parents about this problem is that the threats and abuse are documented. The threats can be printed and taken to authorities at school or even law enforcement if the situation is deemed dangerous.

Cyber Bullying and the Internet

Several widely publicized bullying events have recently made the national news. Girls actually beat up another girl and video taped it and uploaded it to the Internet. There are many of these types of violence on display. It is sad that some of the youth today feel the need to inflict harm on each other.

Some teens have even commited suicide because the bullying among their peers has gotten out of hand. One girl took an inappropriate picture of herself and texted it to her boyfriend. One thing led to another and the whole school saw and was calling the girl all sorts of names. A few months later her mom found her hanging inside her closet. Bullying is dangerous and needs to be dealt with by teachers, parents and in some cases the authorities.