How can we help you?

If you are looking for any of the following type of options for your teen, we can help you. We will help you narrow your options to one or two of the most appropriate choices for your teen. We will help you make arrangements to speak with someone at the program and complete any necessary applications. We can also make arrangements for your teen to be picked up and taken to the facility of your choice if he or she is not willing to cooperate with you.

Here are some of the types of placement options we are able to assist you with:

Teenage Boot Camps
Military Boarding Schools
Troubled Teen Programs
Military Schools Specialty
Schools Boarding Schools
Summer Camps
Substance abuse programs
Residential Treatment Centers
Teenager Boot Camps
Military School in Mississippi Military
Boot Camps for Teens
Boot Camps for Teenage Girl
Boarding Military Schools
Boarding School for Girls
Juvenile Boot Camps

Christian Boarding Schools
Christian Military Schools
Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Pregnant Teen Programs
Youth Treatment Facilities
Wilderness Programs
Teen 12 Step Programs
Specialty Schools for Teens
Behavior Modification Schools
Boarding School Boys
Teen Anger Management Programs
Schools for Troubled Teens
At Risk Youth Programs
Parenting Troubled Teens
Summer Camp for Troubled Teen

We have locations scattered across the United States and some out of the country programs. Many people think that a location close to home is preferable. In most cases if you will place your teen a little further away from home he or she will be less likely to try to run away from the facility. With the thoughts of running away out of their mind, they can more effectively settle in and begin the process of turning their lives around. Another plus for a location further away from home is the fact that if a teen is out of their comfort zone they will be more willing to make the changes necessary to get back on track.