Teens And Stress

There are many things in the life of a teen that contribute to their stress. A Teen can stress over peer pressure specifically not being accepted by those they admire. Teen Stress can also be caused by a teen not having things that they feel are important or even necessary. Teen stress can be caused by acne, bad breath, dandruff, and the list can go on and on. In most cases teen stress can be caused by things they have no control of. This leads to frustration and without an adult to help them sort things out, many teens will end making poor choices trying to fix things that they are not capable of fixing. Most every teen has some type of stress they are facing. It is important for the adults surrounding a teen to pay attention to a change in behaviors, friends, or grades.

Identifying Teen Stress

There are many ways to identify Teen Stress. Probably the most effective way is to communicate with the teen. This can be difficult if the lines of communication have been closed. A teen can tell if someone is sincerely interested in them. They can spot a phony a mile a way. It is much easier to keep the lines of communication open than it is to re-open them. If a parent will stay involved in their child's life, they will have a much easier time asking questions that will help the teen understand what they are going through. It is typical for a teen that is going through a stressful period to become withdrawn and isolate themselves from the rest of the family. Another key indicator of stress can be manifest by moodiness and increased rude behavior.

Help for Teen Stress

The best help for teen stress is support from family members. If the teen stress goes beyond normal teen anxiety, it is important to seek professional help. Teen Stress and Teen Depression can appear similar. Communication is the key to determining what is really going on. The problem is most teens are reluctant to open up to an adult. Teens will talk to their friends about what is bothering them, but may never confide in an adult in their life. The problem with this scenario is that advice from a friend is not the same as advice from an adult. A well meaning friend may give their friend advice that will create more problems than they help.

Teen Stress Summary

To be safe it is always best to error on the side of caution when a teen's behavior changes. Because teen stress and teen depression can appear similar, it would be wise to seek professional help if a teen becomes withdrawn or begins to act differently than they typically do. To find a good counselor or teen therapist a family Dr. may be the best place to start.