Have you considered military school?

In these days it seems more and more teens are getting into trouble. Most parents have no clue on what to do in order to change the behavior of their teen. Some parents try to discipline their kids but are unsuccessful in their efforts. If you are a parent and have tried, don't give up. We are here to help. Call us today and we'll walk you through some steps. You are not alone.

Military boarding schools and teen boot camps are not free. Some states will order a teen in juvenile hall to boot camp on the tax payer's dime, but not likely anymore. Most military schools will offer some sort of financing. You might be able to pay anywhere from $200-1,000 a month in order for you child to be enrolled in boot camp.

Teen military schools have been around for years. They have been around forever for one reason, they work. When you send your teen away from his friends and comfort zone you open him up to see what he is doing wrong in order for him to change his behavior. You also have to realize that a weekend at boot camp will not have lasting effects. Typically, the longer he is in the program the better the results will be. We recommend you enroll him anywhere from 6 months to a year.

A day at military school is packed with routine and activities to keep your teen busy and teach him responsibility. They wake up a 6 am, make their beds and get ready for morning calisthenics and roll call. Most of the day they are in school getting an education. One benefit or private military school is the fact that they provide excellent academics. Some students have caught up two grade levels in as short as 6 months. Your teen may even be able to earn his high school diploma or GED.

One last thing to note if you are not familiar with the troubled teen industry is understanding the difference between a troubled teen and a regular teen. Most private military schools will not take a teen that acts out or has bad grades. When you are searching for the perfect military school make sure you ask if they take a defiant unruly teen.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll your troubled teen boy or girl into a military school, please call us today.