Special K Drug

If you, like most people, think of a healthy breakfast cereal when you hear "Special K", you may be surprised to know that Special K is the street name for a popular drug that has not been as well known as other street drugs such as cocaine and heroine, but is quickly gaining popularity among the pop culture.

What is Special K?

Special K, or Ketamine, part of the drug class which separates perception from awareness, was originally developed as a general anesthetic for children and in some applications, veterinarians have used the drug on animals. Although the drug has been around since the 1960's, it has in recent years been used for "recreational" use. Since the mid to late nineties, the drug has gained popularity, and, due to the increase of use, it was placed on the United States Controlled Substance Act in August of 1999. Since that time, other countries have followed suit. Medically the drug Ketamine is very popular due to the wide range of use. As mentioned, applications vary from use as a local anesthetic to use as an anesthetic in veterinary medicine. It can also be used to treat pain due to cancer, depression, as well as addiction to heroin and alcoholism. It is usually not used as a primary anesthetic, but in conjunction with other medicines.

Effects Of Special K?

Ketamine, or "Special K" has become popular due to the effects felt by its use. At smaller doses the user will feel a mild, dream-like feeling that has been described as an out-of-body experience or a disassociation which separates perception from reality. Higher doses create a hallucinogenic effect and may cause a feeling of leaving the body for a long period of time. Slang for this effect is known as "K-Hole". Users describe it as a near death experience. There are a variety of doses used to reach the "K-Hole" effect and usually vary depending of the route used. For example, some will cook the drug, which turns Special K into a cocaine-like powder to be sniffed. In addition, some will inject it intramuscular. When injected, less is needed to feel the full effects with a shorter onset. Because the drug causes amnesia and even coma in some cases, Special K has been known to be a "date-rape" drug. As with any drug, when abused, Special K can cause serious health risks that can be long lasting. Some of these effects include:

Special K is extremely addictive and can cause people to make poor decisions that not only affect their lives, but also the lives of those around them. It is important for a user of Special K to seek out education on the drug, help, and counseling.