Sexually Active Teens

One of the greatest problems in the world today is teens that are sexually active. Most teens are really not ready to become sexually active. Just about every movie, television show, and song encourages teens to be sexually active. This coupled with the peer pressure teens encounter makes it very difficult for a teen to save their virginity for the person they marry. It is our opinion that a teen that waits until they are married to have sex, will have a stronger marriage and be happier in the long run. The sexually active teen doesn't usually consider the fact that they may become pregnant or get some type of STD when they are in the heat of the moment. The decision to remain celibate until married needs to made before they are faced with the choice.

Sexually Active Teens and STD's

Sexually active teens are much more likely to pick up an STD or sexually transmitted disease than adults who engage in sex outside of marriage. This is because the teen thinks they are invincible and that they will not catch anything. In many cases teens may not even know that they are transmitting a disease to another person. It is always best to wait until after marriage to engage in sexual activity with a person's spouse. If a teen is determined to become sexually active, it is imperative that they use some type of birth control. The availability of birth control to the youth of today doesn't begin to compare with the birth control options their parents had.

Sexually Active Teens and Pregnancy

As previously mentioned our belief is that teens should wait until they are married to have sex. If a teen is determined to have sex and not use some type of birth control, they should consider what type of a parent they are prepared to make. If you ask any pregnant teen if they were planning to have a baby, the majority of them would probably say no. The sad part of this problem is they are just not ready to be a parent. It is unfair to bring a child into the world by an accident. The pregnant teen must now decide if they will raise the child or give it up for adoption. If the teen decided to raise the child, they will need a lot of help, this transfers the burden onto society or the family of the pregnant teen. Many grandparents end up raising their grand children under these exact circumstances.

Sexually Active Teen Summary

When a teenage couple have a baby to deal with there are many factors to consider. One of the biggest factors to deal with for most teens is the financial reality of taking care of 3 people instead of themselves. The pregnant mother in most cases is unable to work. The father is usually still in high school and incapable of making enough money to care for his new family. This marriage or "family" starts out facing very difficult hurdles to overcome.