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Welcome to our information about the United States Military and the boot camps they include. We are not affiliated with the United States Military and their boot camps the information and links on this site will take you to their official websites.If you are looking for a career in the military you will first want to determine which branch of the military you would like to serve in. Weather you are a parent trying to help your troubled teen select some options or a teen looking for a change of life we hope this information will be useful.

Best Basic Training Book Going to military basic training? If so, pick up a copy of The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook and be prepared for drill sergeants, fitness tests and more!

Here is a list of different links to the various divisions of the military you may want to consider. Each division has different enlistment criteria that will need to be met. Simple follow the links below to get detailed information about the areas of interest you have. Each division is very helpful if you have questions you can call and talk to a recruiter. Most divisions of the military refer to the initial boot camp training as basic training.


It is important to understand that each division of the military has different enlistment requirements. Some will not allow any type of pervious criminal behavior while other divisions will be a little more lenient. Every person interested in enlisting in the military will need to take the military aptitude test. This test is known as ASVAB here is a link that will allow you to begin practicing the test. Click Here The better you score on ASVAB the more possibilities you will have in the military. It is our understanding that the more difficult the job you do the more pay you will receive. The ASVAB test is very important to anyone that is seriously interested in a career in the military. Many schools will administer this test during regular school hours. We would strongly suggest studying for the ASVAB like you would any other test that you take.

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