Therapeutic Boarding Schools

One option parents struggling with a defiant teen can turn to is a Therapeutic Boarding School. This is a little different that a troubled teen boot camp. The difference is the therapeutic component. In some cases therapy can help the teen and their family get to the bottom of the teens defiant and dangerous behaviors. Sometimes it can take a trained professional to dig through all of the layers and emotion problems that have accumulated through the teens life. Sometimes well meaning parents can create additional problems as they try to reprimand their teen. Some parents swing clear to the other end of the spectrum and never correct their child. It’s a difficult task raising to find a happy medium, when raising a child.

Non Therapeutic Boarding Schools

There are boarding schools available that don’t really have much therapy included in their program. These are sometimes called behavior modification schools. The focus more on rewarding a teen when they make good choices and giving them consequences when they make poor choices. The key that can make them more successful than parents trying this technique, is the consistency. Since they are paid to monitor the teen all day and night, they have the ability and the energy to see that the teen stays on task. Most teens come from homes where both parents work. When the parents get home from work they are often too tired to deal with a defiant smart mouth teen.

apy May Not Work

The difficulty with therapy is the fact that it requires a willing participant. If the teen won’t recognize they have a problem, they are not going to discuss it with a complete stranger. In the non therapeutic boarding schools the staff can often times get through to a teen and develop a relationship with them. The staff member then sets them self up to become a mentor. Since most teens are growing up with little or not parental supervision, this can be a valuable connection. The teen will many times open up to a staff member and share what is really bothering them. The non therapeutic schools are often times less expensive and in many cases more effective than paying the extra for therapy. This is not to say that some teens have problems that can only be helped with a qualified professional.


As mentioned previously consistency can go a long ways in helping a teen stay out of trouble. If a parent is able to monitor and spend time with their teen, they may be able to avoid sending them away to get help. If a parent can be consistent and stick to their punishments and rewards they will have a much better chance of raising their teen successfully. When a parent gives a stiff penalty and then fails to enforce it, the teen soon learns that consequences mean nothing. It is difficult to ground a teen for a long period of time. It sometimes is more miserable for the parent than it is for the teen. Taking away electronic devices can also be a very effective consequence, but again a difficult one for the parent to oversee and endure.